Chaos Ball “Arges”


Playfull Education, Chaos, Fund & Tasty Snacks!


Fill me up with everything your dog likes and let me be searched, hunted, shaked and bouncing wild to all sides. Because of my knobs I can´t go straight ahead. Your dog will not only enjoy the game but also the meal!


Throw it!


Product Variant


  • Colors: blue, pink, green


Product Information


  • Natural premium caoutchouc, BPA (Bisphenol A) – free


  • Diameter: 7,5 cm


  • For all dog sizes


  • Beneficial for the teeth


  • Tested for harmful substances





8. December 2016


Accessories, Dogs, Toys

Arges, Big Buddy, Chaos Ball, Dog Food Ball, dog toys, dogball, Dogs, Education, Erziehung, Food Ball, Hunde, Snack Ball, Toys
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